Officer’s only page

Use the links here to add or edit pages for the website. Please use with care!

Add New Page
Use this link to add a new page to the website. Give the page a Heading, select the Visual tab and then type or paste in the page content.
Important: Before clicking on the Publish (or Update) button, scroll down to the bottom of the page and ensure that the correct Content Permissions are set.

View/Edit Page
Officers can add pages or edit and delete any page created by an Officer but not those created by the Administrator.

Link Page to Menu
Once a new page has been created it may need to be included on a menu. This link will allow ANY page to be added to or removed from a menu. If you are already in the Administration section, this option is also available via Appearance -> Menus.
To add a new page to a menu click on the relevant check box in the Pages section and then Add to Menu. Pages connected to a menu can be dragged around to reposition them. The option of ‘hiding’ the menu item is also available.

Add an Event
Adding an Event to the Calendar is very much like adding a Page but with the added options of Start and End times, Location, Organiser etc.

Edit/Delete Event
Events created by an Officer can be edited or deleted by an Officer.

This link gives you a limited number of administration options Officers can adjust. The website can be completely compromised if the administration options other than those mentioned above are altered!