Meeting Held at Clubhouse Ethel Road on 20.3.13 to Discuss Team Managers/Captains for forthcoming season



Present: George Martin, David McFarlane, Hanif Ghodawala, Fitzroy Wallace, Veris Challenger


Absent: Anthony Durant




Overview of Meeting:


Chairman expressed the requirement of roles of both captains and managers to be documented so expectations of roles can be defined and then observed by elected persons


Chairman to circulate a copy of the roles and responsibilities of Managers/Captains document to elected persons.


Management Committee to elect Manager and Captain of respected teams


Anthony Durant elected as Cricketers Representative, reporting into the Management Committee


Fitzroy Wallace to be elected as 1st Team Manager for an interim period of 6 weeks from the commencement of the league season (period ends 2.6.13)


1st Team captain position to be decided after a period of evaluation and consultation between Tony Durant, George Martin & Fitzroy Wallace.


Veris Challenger elected as 2nd Team Manager


Hanif Ghodawala elected as 2nd Team Captain


2nd Team Vice captain to be confirmed


Hanif Ghodawala confirmed his availability to play during the fasting month of Ramadan.


Manager and Captain to select the teams from one pool of players every Tuesday evening during the season.


Memberships to be paid before the deadline of 31.5.13. Manager & Captain to enforce non selection rule for players who have not paid membership.