Results – 2021

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2021
DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
24/04/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Electricity Sports 2Won
24/04/2021Electricity Sports 3Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
01/05/2021QueniboroughLeicester Caribbean 1Won
01/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Queniborough 2Won
08/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Countesthorpe 2Abandoned
08/05/2021Egerton Park 2Leicester Caribbean 2Abandoned
15/05/2021Kibworth 3Leicester Caribbean 1Won
15/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Market Harborough 2Won
22/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Bharat Sports 2Abandoned
22/05/2021Blaby VillageLeicester Caribbean 2Lost
29/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Ilston AbeyWon
29/05/2021Asian Sports 3Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
05/06/2021Birstall VillageLeicester Caribbean 1Won
05/06/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Ilston Abey 2Won
12/06/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Broughton AstleyWon
12/06/2021Dunton BassettLeicester Caribbean 2Lost
19/06/2021Asian Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
19/06/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Billesdon 2Won
26/06/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Oakham 2Lost
26/06/2021Houghton and Thurnby 2Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
03/07/2021Rothley Park 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
03/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 2WhetstoneWon
10/07/2021Countesthorpe 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
10/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Egerton Park 2Lost
17/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Kibworth 3Won
17/07/2021Market Harborough 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
24/07/2021Bharat Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
24/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Blaby VillageWon
31/07/2021Ilston AbeyLeicester Caribbean 1Won
31/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Asian Sports 2Lost
07/08/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Birstall VillageWon
07/08/2021Ilston Abey 2Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
14/08/2021Broughton AstleyLeicester Caribbean 1Won
14/08/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Dunton BassetteLost
21/08/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Asian Sports 2Won
21/08/2021Billesdon 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
28/08/2021Oakham 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
28/08/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Houghton and Thurnby 2Won
04/09/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Rothley Park 2Won
04/09/2021WhetsoneLeicester Caribbean 2Won
11/09/2021Leicester Caribbean 1QueniboroughWon
11/09/2021Queniborough 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
18/09/2021Electricity Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
18/09/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Electricity Sports 3Won

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