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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2021
DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
24/04/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Electricity Sports 2Won
24/04/2021Electricity Sports 3Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
01/05/2021QueniboroughLeicester Caribbean 1Won
01/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Queniborough 2Won
08/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Countesthorpe 2Abandoned
08/05/2021Egerton Park 2Leicester Caribbean 2Abandoned
15/05/2021Kibworth 3Leicester Caribbean 1Won
15/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Market Harborough 2Won
22/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Bharat Sports 2Abandoned
22/05/2021Blaby VillageLeicester Caribbean 2Lost
29/05/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Ilston AbeyWon
29/05/2021Asian Sports 3Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
05/06/2021Birstall VillageLeicester Caribbean 1Won
05/06/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Ilston Abey 2Won
12/06/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Broughton AstleyWon
12/06/2021Dunton BassettLeicester Caribbean 2Lost
19/06/2021Asian Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
19/06/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Billesdon 2Won
26/06/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Oakham 2Lost
26/06/2021Houghton and Thurnby 2Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
03/07/2021Rothley Park 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
03/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 2WhetstoneWon
10/07/2021Countesthorpe 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
10/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Egerton Park 2Lost
17/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Kibworth 3Won
17/07/2021Market Harborough 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
24/07/2021Bharat Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
24/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Blaby VillageWon
31/07/2021Ilston AbeyLeicester Caribbean 1Won
31/07/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Asian Sports 2Lost
07/08/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Birstall VillageWon
07/08/2021Ilston Abey 2Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
14/08/2021Broughton AstleyLeicester Caribbean 1Won
14/08/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Dunton BassetteLost
21/08/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Asian Sports 2Won
21/08/2021Billesdon 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
28/08/2021Oakham 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
28/08/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Houghton and Thurnby 2Won
04/09/2021Leicester Caribbean 1Rothley Park 2Won
04/09/2021WhetsoneLeicester Caribbean 2Won
11/09/2021Leicester Caribbean 1QueniboroughWon
11/09/2021Queniborough 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
18/09/2021Electricity Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
18/09/2021Leicester Caribbean 2Electricity Sports 3Won

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2019
DateMatchHome TeamAway TeamResult
20/04/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Great GlenLost
20/04/2019Division 5 EastWigston TownLeicester Caribbean 2Lost
27/04/2019Division 4 EastBharat SportsLeicester Caribbean 1Lost
27/04/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Countesthorpe 2Lost
04/05/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Lutterworth 2Won
04/05/2019Division 5 EastBharat Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
11/05/2019Division 4 EastBroughton AstleyLeicester Caribbean 1Won
11/05/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2CosbyLost
18/05/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1QueniboroughLost
18/05/2019Division 5 EastMarket OvertonLeicester Caribbean 2Lost
25/05/2019Division 4 EastIllston AbeyLeicester Caribbean 1Won
25/05/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Thorpe Arnold 2Lost
01/06/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Langtons 2
01/06/2019Division 5 EastAsian Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 2
08/06/2019Division 4 EastKibworth 3Leicester Caribbean 1
08/06/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Oakham 2
15/06/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Bitteswell
15/06/2019Division 5 EastWalton le WoldsLeicester Caribbean 1
22/06/2019Division 4 EastMedbourneLeicester Caribbean 1
22/06/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Market Harborough 2
29/06/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1University of Leicester Staff
29/06/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Banks 2Leicester Caribbean 2
06/07/2019Division 4 EastLutterworth 2Leicester Caribbean 1
06/07/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Bharat Sports 2
13/07/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Broughton Astley
13/07/2019Division 5 EastCosbyLeicester Caribbean 2
20/07/2019Division 4 EastQueniboroughLeicester Caribbean 1
20/07/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Market Overton
27/07/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Illston Abey
27/07/2019Division 5 EastThorpe Arnold 2Leicester Caribbean 2
03/08/2019Division 4 EastLangtons 2Leicester Caribbean 1
03/08/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Asian Sports 2
10/08/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Kibworth 3
10/08/2019Division 5 EastOakham 2Leicester Caribbean 2
17/08/2019Division 4 EastBitteswellLeicester Caribbean 1
17/08/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Walton le Wolds
24/08/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Medbourne
24/08/2019Division 5 EastMarket Harborough 2Leicester Caribbean 2
31/08/2019Division 4 EastUniversity of Leicester StaffLeicester Caribbean 1
31/08/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Leicester Banks 2
07/09/2019Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Bharat Sports
07/09/2019Division 5 EastCountesthorpe 2Leicester Caribbean 2
14/09/2019Division 4 EastGreat GlenLeicester Caribbean 1
14/09/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Wigston Town

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2018
DateMatchHome TeamAway TeamResult
21/04/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1QueniboroughDate Changed
21/04/2018Division 5 EastUniversity of Leicester StaffLeicester Caribbean 2Date Changed
28/04/2018Division 4 EastIlston AbeyLeicester Caribbean 1Abandoned
28/04/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Market OvertonAbandoned
05/05/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Ketton SportsLost
05/05/2018Division 5 EastCosbyLeicester Caribbean 2Won
12/05/2018Division 4 EastKibworth 3Leicester Caribbean 1Abandoned
12/05/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Leicester Banks 2Abandoned
19/05/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1MedbourneLost
19/05/2018Division 5 EastAsian Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
26/05/2018Division 4 EastGreat GlenLeicester Caribbean 1Lost
26/05/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Broughton AstleyWon
02/06/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Bharat SportsWon
02/06/2018Division 5 EastDunton BassettLeicester Caribbean 2Won
09/06/2018Division 4 EastBitteswellLeicester Caribbean 1Won
09/06/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Market Harborough 2Won
16/06/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Countesthorpe 2Won
23/06/2018Division 4 EastWigston TownLeicester Caribbean 1Won
23/06/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Leicester CricketersWon
30/06/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Langtons 2Lost
30/06/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Teachers & MossdaleLeicester Caribbean 2Won
07/07/2018Division 4 EastKelton SportsLeicester Caribbean 1Lost
07/07/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2CosbyWon
12/07/2019Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Anstey & GlenfieldWon
14/07/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Kibworth 3Won
14/07/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Banks 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
21/07/2018Division 4 EastMedbourneLeicester Caribbean 1Draw
21/07/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Asian Sports 2Lost
22/07/2018Division 5 EastOakham 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
28/07/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Great GlenAbandoned
28/07/2018Division 5 EastBroughton AstleyLeicester Caribbean 2Abandoned
04/08/2018Division 4 EastBharat SportsLeicester Caribbean 1Lost
04/08/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Dunton BassettWon
05/08/2018Division 5 EastLeicester University Staff 1Leicester Caribbean 2Won
11/08/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1BitteswellWon
11/08/2018Division 5 EastMarket Harborough 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
18/08/2018Division 4 EastCountesthorpe 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
18/08/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Oakham 2Won
25/08/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Wigston TownWon
25/08/2018Division 5 EastLeicester CricketersLeicester Caribbean 2Won
01/09/2018Division 4 EastLangtons 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
01/09/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Leicester Teachers & MossdaleWon
08/09/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Illston AbeyLost
08/09/2018Division 5 EastMarket OvertonLeicester Caribbean 2Lost
15/09/2018Division 4 EastQueniboroughLeicester Caribbean 1Lost
15/09/2018Division 5 EastLeicester Caribbean 2University of Leicester StaffLost
22/09/2018Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1QueniboroughLost
22/09/2018Division 5 EastUniversity of Leicester StaffLeicester Caribbean 2Lost

Show results for 2017

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2017
DateMatchHome TeamAway TeamResult
22/04/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Mountsorrel Castle 1Draw
22/04/2017Division 6 EastMountsorrel Castle 2Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
29/04/2017Division 3 EastMelton Mowbray 1Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
29/04/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Countesthorpe 3Winning Draw
06/05/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Shepshed 1Lost
06/05/2017Division 6 EastBraunstone Cricketers 1Leicester Caribbean 2Won
13/05/2017Division 3 EastSyston Town 2Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
13/05/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Sapcote 1Won
20/05/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Hinckley Town 2Abandoned
20/05/2017Division 6 EastBillesdon 2Leicester Caribbean 2Abandoned
27/05/2017Division 3 EastRatby Town 1Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
27/05/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Shree Sanatan 2Won
03/06/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Huncote 1Lost
03/06/2017Division 6 EastBharat Sports 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
10/06/2017Division 3 EastBarwell 1Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
10/06/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Birstall Village 2Won
17/06/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Countesthorpe 1Lost
17/06/2017Division 6 EastKibworth 4Leicester Caribbean 1Won
24/06/2017Division 3 EastHinckley Amateur 1Leicester Caribbean 1Losing Draw
24/06/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Asian Sports 2Lost
01/07/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Bardon Hill 1Lost
01/07/2017Division 6 EastFleckney VillageLeicester Caribbean 2Won
08/07/2017Division 3 EastShepshed 1Leicester Caribbean 1Won
08/07/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Braunstone Cricketers 1Won
15/07/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Syston Town 2Won
15/07/2017Division 6 EastSapcote 1Leicester Caribbean 2Won
22/07/2017Division 3 EastHinckley Town 2Leicester Caribbean 1Won
22/07/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Billesdon 2Abandoned
29/07/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Ratby Town 1Won
29/07/2017Division 6 EastShree Sanatan 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
05/08/2017Division 3 EastHuncote 1Leicester Caribbean 1Winning Draw
05/08/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Bharat Sports 2Winning Draw
12/08/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Barwell 1Lost
12/08/2017Division 6 EastBirstall Village 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
19/08/2017Division 3 EastCountesthorpe 1Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
19/08/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Kibworth 4Lost
20/08/2017SundayLeicester CaribbeansBarkingLost
26/08/2017Division 3 EastHinckley Amateur 1Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
26/08/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Asian Sports 2Lost
02/09/2017Division 3 EastBardon Hill 1Leicester Caribbean 1Won
02/09/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 3Fleckney Village 1Won
09/09/2017Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Melton Mowbray 1Cancelled
09/09/2017Division 6 EastCountesthorpe 3Leicester Caribbean 2Won
16/09/2017Division 3 EastMountsorrel Castle 1Leicester Caribbean 1Lost
16/09/2017Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Mountsorrel Castle 2Won

Show results for 2016

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2016
DateMatchHome TeamAway TeamResult
23/04/2016Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Hinckley Town 2Won
23/04/2016Division 6 EastGilmorton VillageLeicester Caribbean 2Won
30/04/2016Division 3 EastAshby HastingsLeicester Caribbean 1Cancelled
30/04/2016Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Leicester CricketersCancelled
01/05/2016SundayLeicester CaribbeansJCFNo information
07/05/2016Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Syston Town 2Cancelled
07/05/2016Division 6 EastShree Sanatan 2Leicester Caribbean 2Lost
14/05/2016Division 3 EastElectricity SportsLeicester Caribbean 1Won
14/05/2016Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Fleckney VillageWon
15/05/2016SundayLeicester CaribbeansSt. AlbansNo information
21/05/2016Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Long WhattonWon
21/05/2016Division 6 EastHoughton & Thurnby 3Leicester Caribbean 2Won
22/05/2016SundayLeicester CaribbeansL & R InterfaithNo information
28/05/2016Division 3 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Newtown Linford 2Won
28/05/2016Division 6 EastMountsorrel Castle 2Leicester Caribbean 2Won
29/05/2016SundayLeicester CaribbeansBirminghamNo information
04/06/2016Division 3 EastNewbold VerdonLeicester Caribbean 1Won
04/06/2016Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Great GlenLost
02/07/2016Division 3 EastBardon HillLeicester Caribbean 1Won
02/07/2016Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Leicester Teachers & MossdaleLosing Draw

Show results for 2015

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2015
18/04/2015LeagueLeicester Caribbean 1Barkby United 2D
18/04/2015LeagueHoughton & Thurnby 3Leicester Caribbean 2L
25/04/2015LeagueLeicester Caribbean 1CosbyW
25/04/2015LeagueGreat GlenLeicester Caribbean 2D
26/04/2015Challenge CupBharat SportsLeicester CaribbeansW
02/05/2015LeagueKibworth 3Leicester Caribbean 1D
02/05/2015LeagueLeicester Caribbean 2Cosby 2W
03/05/2015SundayEarl ShiltonLeicester CaribbeansL
09/05/15LeagueLeicester Caribbean 1MedbourneW
09/05/15LeagueGilmorton VillageLeicester Caribbean 2D
10/05/2015Challenge CupGreat GlenLeicester CaribbeansW
16/05/2015Division 4 EastDunton BassettLeicester Caribbean 1W
16/05/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Uppingham Town 2L
17/05/2015County CupLoughborough TownLeicester CaribbeansL
17/05/2015SundayLeicester CaribbeansSt. AlbansW
23/05/2015Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Countesthorpe 2W
23/05/2015Division 6 EastOakham 2Leicester Caribbean 2L
30/05/2015Division 4 EastIllston Abbey 2Leicester Caribbean 1W
30/05/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Billesdon 2D
31/05/2015SundayLeicester CaribbeansBirminghamL
06/06/2015Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Langtons 2L
06/06/2015Division 6 EastEgerton Park 2Leicester Caribbean 2W
07/06/2015Challenge CupQuarter FinalBanksL
07/06/2015SundayBarkingLeicester CaribbeansL
13/06/2015Division 4 EastThorpe Arnold 2Leicester Caribbean 1A
13/06/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Braunstone CricketersA
14/06/2015SundayLeicester CaribbeansCoventryL
20/06/2015Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Market Harborough 2W
20/06/2015Division 6 EastHighfield RangersLeicester Caribbean 2D
21/06/2015SundayLeicester CaribbeansLondon Antigua CavaliersW
27/06/2015Division 4 EastBitteswellLeicester Caribbean 1W
27/06/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Fleckney VillageL
28/06/2015SundayLeicester CaribbeansDerbyW
04/07/2015Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Kibworth 3L
04/07/2015Division 6 EastCosby 2Leicester Caribbean 2D
05/07/2015SundayLondon Antigua CavaliersLeicester CaribbeansW
11/07/2015Division 4 EastMedbourneLeicester Caribbean 1L
11/07/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Gilmorton VillageW
18/07/2015Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Dunton BassettW
18/07/2015Division 6 EastUppingham Town 2Leicester Caribbean 2L
19/07/2015SundayCarnival MatchL
25/07/2015Division 4 EastCountesthorpe 2Leicester Caribbean 1D
25/07/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Oakham 2L
01/08/2015Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Illston Abbey 2W
01/08/2015Division 6 EastBillesdon 2Leicester Caribbean 2D
08/08/2015Division 4 EastLangtons 2Leicester Caribbean 1W
08/08/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Egerton Park 2W
15/08/2015Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1Thorpe Arnold 2W
15/08/2015Division 6 EastBraunstone CricketersLeicester Caribbean 2D
22/08/2015Division 4 EastMarket Harborough 2Leicester Caribbean 1W
22/08/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Highfield RangersL
29/08/2015Division 4 EastLeicester Caribbean 1BitteswellL
29/08/2015Division 6 EastFleckney VillageLeicester Caribbean 2L
05/09/2015Division 4 EastCosbyLeicester Caribbean 1D
05/09/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Great GlenW
12/09/2015Division 4 EastBarkby UnitedLeicester Caribbean 1W
12/09/2015Division 6 EastLeicester Caribbean 2Houghton & Thurnby 3W

Show results for 2014

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2014
19/04/2014LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIQueniborough CC 1st XIL
19/04/2014LeagueBirstall 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
25/04/2014LeagueGilmorton Villiage CC 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
03/05/2014LeagueMedbourne CC 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
10/05/2014LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIKibworth CC 4th XIW
17/05/2014LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIUniversity 1st XIL
31/05/2014LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWigston 1st XIL
07/06/2014LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIOakham CC 1st XIA

Show results for 2013

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2013
27/04/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBharat 1st XIW
27/04/2013LeagueAppleby 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
04/05/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XITwycross 1st XIL
04/05/2013LeagueStoughton 3rd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
05/05/2013FriendlyEarl Shilton Town CCCaribbeans 1st XIL
11/05/2013LeagueNewbold 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIA
11/05/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoke 1st XIWD
18/05/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIUniversity 1st XIL
18/05/2013LeagueWhetstone 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
25/05/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIHathem Old 1st XIW
01/06/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIIvanhoe 3rd XIW
01/06/2013LeagueShamford 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
04/06/2013CupCaribbeans 1st XIWigston 1st XIW
08/06/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBirstall 1st XIWD
08/06/2013LeagueBirstall 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
15/06/2013LeagueBurbage 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
15/06/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBroughton 1st XILD
16/06/2013CupBarkby United CC 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
22/06/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWoodhouse 1st XIWD
22/06/2013LeagueWigston 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
23/06/2013LeagueHuncote 1st XICaribbeans 1st XILD
23/06/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIGilmorton Village CC 1st XIA
29/06/2013LeagueBraunstone 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
29/06/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBarrow 3rd XIL
06/07/2013LeagueTwycross 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
06/07/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoughton 3rd XIW
13/07/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XINewbold 1st XILD
13/07/2013LeagueStoke 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIWD
20/07/2013LeagueUniversity 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
20/07/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWhetstone 1st XILD
27/07/2013LeagueHathem Old 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
03/08/2013LeagueIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIL
03/08/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIShamford 1st XILD
10/08/2013LeagueBirstall 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
10/08/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBirstall 2nd XIW
17/08/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBurbage 1st XIL
17/08/2013LeagueBroughton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
24/08/2013LeagueWoodhouse 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
24/08/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWigston 1st XIL
31/08/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBraunstone 1st XIW
31/08/2013LeagueBarrow 3rd XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
07/09/2013LeagueBharat 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
07/09/2013LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIAppleby 1st XIL
14/09/2013LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHuncote 1st XIL
14/09/2013LeagueGilmorton Village CC 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL

Show results for 2012

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2012
28/04/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBurbage 1st XIA
28/04/2012LeagueShamford 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
05/05/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWoodhouse 1st XIA
05/05/2012LeagueAnstey 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
12/05/2012LeagueWigston 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIA
12/05/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWalton 1st XIW
19/05/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBraunstone 1st XIWD
19/05/2012LeagueBarrow 3rd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
26/05/2012LeagueIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
26/05/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIHuncote 1st XIL
02/06/2012LeagueHathern Old 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
02/06/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoughton 3rd XIW
09/06/2012LeagueNewbold 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
09/06/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWhetstone 1st XIL
16/06/2012LeagueHinckley 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIA
16/06/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBroughton 1st XIA
23/06/2012LeagueBirstall 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
23/06/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoke 1st XIW
24/06/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBharat 1st XIL
24/06/2012LeagueUniversity 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
30/06/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XITwycross 1st XIW
30/06/2012LeagueTaverners 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
07/07/2012LeagueWoodhouse 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIA
07/07/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIAnstey 1st XIA
14/07/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWigston 1st XIA
14/07/2012LeagueWalton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
21/07/2012LeagueBraunstone 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
21/07/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBarrow 3rd XIW
28/07/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIIvanhoe 3rd XIWD
28/07/2012LeagueHuncote 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
04/08/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHathern Old 1st XIA
04/08/2012LeagueStoughton 3rd XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
11/08/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XINewbold 1st XIW
11/08/2012LeagueWhetstone 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
18/08/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHinckley 1st XIW
18/08/2012LeagueBroughton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
25/08/2012LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBirstall 1st XIA
25/08/2012LeagueStoke 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
01/09/2012LeagueTwycross 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
01/09/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XITaverners 1st XIW
08/09/2012LeagueBurbage 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
08/09/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XISharnford 1st XIL
15/09/2012LeagueBharat 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
15/09/2012LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIUniversity 1st XIW

Show results for 2011

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2011
23/04/2011LeagueAppleby 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
30/04/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWigston 1st XIL
30/04/2011LeagueWalton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XID
07/05/2011LeagueWoodhouse 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
07/05/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWhetstone 1st XIL
14/05/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBurbage 1st XIW
14/05/2011LeagueTaverners 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
21/05/2011LeagueBirstall 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
21/05/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBirstall 2nd XIWD
28/05/2011LeagueNewbold 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
28/05/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIIvanhoe 4th XIW
04/06/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIIvanhoe 3rd XIWD
04/06/2011LeagueFleckney 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
11/06/2011LeagueTwycross 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
11/06/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIGreat Glen 2nd XIW
12/06/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHathern Old 1st XIA
18/06/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHuncote 1st XIA
18/06/2011LeagueHuncote 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
25/06/2011LeagueBharat 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
25/06/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBharat 2nd XIW
02/07/2011LeagueWigston 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
02/07/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWalton 1st XIW
09/07/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWoodhouse 1st XIW
09/07/2011LeagueWhetstone 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
16/07/2011LeagueBurbage 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
16/07/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XITaverners 2nd XIA
23/07/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBirstall 1st XIWD
23/07/2011LeagueBirstall 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
30/07/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XINewbold 1st XIW
30/07/2011LeagueIvanhoe 4th XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
06/08/2011LeagueIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIL
06/08/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIFleckney 1st XIW
13/08/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XITwycross 1st XIW
14/08/2011LeagueGreat Glen 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
20/08/2011LeagueHuncote 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
20/08/2011LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIHuncote 2nd XIW
27/08/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBharat 1st XIA
27/08/2011LeagueBharat 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
03/09/2011LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIAppleby 1st XIWD
04/09/2011CupCaribbeans 1st XIUniversity 1st XIL
10/09/2011LeagueHathern Old 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2010
01/05/2010LeagueHathern Old 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
15/05/2010LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIIvanhoe 3rd XIW
22/05/2010LeagueAppleby 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
17/07/2010LeagueIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIW
24/07/2010LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIAppleby 1st XIW
08/08/2010CupCaribbeans 1st XINewbold 1st XIW
05/09/2010CupIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIW
12/09/2010FriendlyMilton Keynes Friendly XICaribbeans 1st XIL

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2009
25/04/2009LeagueBurton 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
25/04/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWhetstone 1st XIWD
02/05/2009LeagueBharat 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
02/05/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIGreat Glen 1st XIL
09/05/2009LeagueLeuve Patidar 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
09/05/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIIvanhoe 3rd XIL
16/05/2009LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWigston 1st XIWD
16/05/2009LeagueStoughton 3rd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
23/05/2009LeagueBroughton 1st xICaribbeans 1st XIW
23/05/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIHinckley 1st XIW
30/05/2009LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBirstall 1st XIL
30/05/2009LeagueThornton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XILD
06/06/2009LeagueWoodhouse 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
06/06/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWoodhouse 2nd XIA
13/06/2009LeagueAnstey 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XID
20/06/2009LeagueNewbold 1st XICaribbeans 1ns XIL
20/06/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIShamford 1st XIW
27/06/2009LeagueHathern Old 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
11/07/2009LeagueIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
18/07/2009LeagueWigston 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
18/07/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoughton 3rd XIL
25/07/2009LeagueHinckley 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
01/08/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIThornton 1st XIA
08/08/2009LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWoodhouse 1st XIL
08/08/2009LeagueWoodhouse 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
15/08/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIAnstey 1st XIL
16/08/2009LeagueAppleby 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
22/08/2009LeagueCaribbeans 1st XINewbold 1st XIL
22/08/2009LeagueShamford 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
29/08/2009LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIHathern Old 1st XIW
05/09/2009LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIAppleby 1st XIL

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2008
26/04/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIShamford 1st XIW
26/04/2008LeagueBurton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
03/05/2008LeagueBharat 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
03/05/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIGreat Glen 1st XIL
10/05/2008LeagueIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIW
10/05/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWhetstone 1st XIW
17/05/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWigston 1st XIWD
17/05/2008LeagueWestonians 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
24/05/2008LeagueBroughton 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
24/05/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XITaverners 1st XIW
31/05/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBirstall 1st XILD
31/05/2008LeaugeHinckley 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
07/06/2008LeagueNewbold 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
07/06/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XINewbold 2nd XIWD
14/06/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XITwycross 1st XIW
14/06/2008LeagueAnstey 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XILD
21/06/2008LeagueWoodhouse 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
21/06/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIAppleby 1st XIL
28/06/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHuncote 1st XIW
28/06/2008LeagueHathern Old 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
05/07/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBharat 1st XIW
05/07/2008LeagueGreat Glen 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XILD
12/07/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIIvanhoe 3rd XIWD
12/07/2008LeagueWhetstone 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
19/07/2008LeagueWigston 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
19/07/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoughton 3rd XIW
20/07/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWestonians 1st XIW
20/07/2008CupBirstall 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
26/07/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBroughton 1st XIL
26/07/2008LeagueTaverners 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
27/07/2008LeagueBirstall 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
02/08/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIHinckley 1st XIW
03/08/2008LeagueLeuve Patidar 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
09/08/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XINewbold 1st XIA
09/08/2008LeagueNewbold 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
10/08/2008CupCaribbeans 1st XILeuve Patidar 1st XIW
16/08/2008LeagueTwycross 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
16/08/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIAnstey 1st XIW
17/08/2008LeagueShamford 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
17/08/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBurton 1st XIWD
23/08/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWoodhouse 1st XIW
23/08/2008LeagueAppleby 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
30/08/2008LeagueHuncote 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
30/08/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIHathern Old 1st XIL
06/09/2008LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoke 1st XIA
13/09/2008LeagueCaribbeans 1st XILeuve Patidar 1st XIW
13/09/2008LeagueStoke 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
14/09/2008CupHuncote 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2007
28/04/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XISharnford 1st XIW
28/04/2007LeagueBurton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
05/05/2007LeagueBharat 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
05/05/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIGreat Glen 1st XIL
12/05/2007LeagueWestonians 1st XICaribbeans 1st XILD
12/05/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWhetstone 1st XIL
19/05/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWigston 1st XIW
19/05/2007LeagueBroughton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
26/05/2007LeagueIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIW
26/05/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIAnstey 1st XIL
02/06/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XINewbold 1st XIL
02/06/2007LeagueHinckley 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
09/06/2007LeagueBirstall 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
09/06/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBirstall 2nd XIW
16/06/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XITwycross 1st XIC
16/06/2007LeagueTaverners 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
17/06/2007LeagueHathern Old 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
17/06/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoke 1st XIA
23/06/2007LeagueWoodhouse 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
23/06/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2md XIWalton 1st XIA
30/06/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHuncote 1st XIC
30/06/2007LeagueLeuve Patidar 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
07/07/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBharat 1st XIC
07/07/2007LeagueGreat Glen 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
13/07/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBillesdon - Under 11W
14/07/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWestonians 1st XIW
14/07/2007LeagueWhetstone 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
21/07/2007LeagueWigston 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIA
21/07/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBroughton 1st XIA
28/07/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIIvanhoe 3rd XIA
28/07/2007LeagueAnstey 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
04/08/2007LeagueNewbold 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
04/08/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIHinckley 1st XIL
11/08/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBirstall 1st XIWD
11/08/2007LeagueBirstall 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
12/08/2007LeagueSharnford 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
12/08/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBurton 1st XIL
18/08/2007LeagueTwycross 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIA
18/08/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XITaverners 1st XIA
25/08/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWoodhouse 1st XIW
25/08/2007LeagueWalton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XILD
01/09/2007LeagueHuncote 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
01/09/2007LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XILeuve Patidar 1st XIW
08/09/2007LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHathern Old 1st XIW
08/09/2007LeagueStoke 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIW
09/09/2007CupIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIW

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2006
06/05/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIBirstall 1st XIWD
06/05/2006LeagueBirstall 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIA
11/05/2006CupCaribbeans 1st XIStrollers - Under 17L
13/05/2006LeagueIvanhoe 3rd XICaribbeans 1st XIW
13/05/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBharat 1st XIW
20/05/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWigston 1st XIC
20/05/2006LeagueWalton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIC
27/05/2006LeagueHuncote 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIA
27/05/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XITwycross 1st XIA
03/06/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIWoodhouse 1st XIWD
03/06/2006LeagueBroughton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XILD
10/06/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWestonians 1st XIW
17/06/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHathern Old 1st XIWD
17/06/2006LeagueTaverners 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XILD
24/06/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHinckley 1st XIW
24/06/2006LeagueStoke 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XILD
01/07/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBurton 1st XIL
08/07/2006LeagueBirstall 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
08/07/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBirstall 2nd XIW
15/07/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIIvanhoe 3rd XIL
15/07/2006LeagueBharat 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XILD
16/07/2006CupSapcote CC - CUP XICaribbeans 1st XIW
22/07/2006LeagueWigston 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIA
22/07/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWalton 1st XIA
29/07/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XIHuncote 1st XIW
29/07/2006LeagueTwycross 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
05/08/2006LeagueWoodhouse 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
05/08/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIBroughton 1st XIW
12/08/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XISharnford 1st XIW
12/08/2006LeagueWestonians 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
13/08/2006LeagueSharnford 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL
19/08/2006LeagueHathern Old 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIW
19/08/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XITaverners 1st XIA
20/08/2006LeagueNewbold 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
26/08/2006LeagueHinckley 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIWD
26/06/2006LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIStoke 1st XIWD
02/09/2006LeagueCaribbeans 1st XINewbold 1st XIW
02/09/2006LeagueBurton 1st XICaribbeans 2nd XIA

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2005
18/08/2005LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWoodhouse 2nd XID
20/08/2005LeagueWoodhouse 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIW

Show results for 2004

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2004
19/06/2004LeagueWoodhouse 2nd XICaribbeans 2nd XIL
28/08/2004LeagueCaribbeans 2nd XIWoodhouse 2nd XIL

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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club: Results for 2003
07/06/2003LeagueCaribbeans 1st XITaverners 1st XIW
06/07/2003CupCavaliers 1st XICaribbeans 1st XIL