Windrush Day Project

Windrush Day Project

4th June 2021 Off By Phil

Windrush Day project: Bringing a piece of home

We are very pleased to have been successful with a grant from the Ministry of Housing Community and Local Government for our Windrush Day project “Bringing a piece of home”, focusing on recognising & celebrating the contributions to cricket by Leicester’s Windrush generation.  Further details coming soon.

About the project

The project seeks to tell and document the untold stories and history of the Leicester Windrush generation community members involved in setting cricket recreational activities for the new African Caribbean community, and their contribution to grassroots, league, and national cricket in the UK.  The project will delve into why cricket was an important social vehicle for uniting the African Caribbean community, and a medium to integrate in the wider community by breaking down social and racial barriers at the time.

The project seeks to recognise the contributions of local grassroots cricket founders, co-ordinators, players, team, match officials and the communities who supported the emergence of the sport, that not only provided social and recreational activities, but was a medium to tackle the social and racial barriers the community faced at the time. In recognition of their life experiences and contributions, the project will produce an oral histories publication booklet titled ‘Bringing a piece of home’, commemoration plaque, resources for schools/youth clubs/sports club to use during black history month and co-ordinate a celebration event.

How to get involved

There are many ways to get involved with the project, through sharing your stories and memories that can be documented in our special commemoration publication, and through attending and participating in our community celebration/learning events. To celebrate Windrush Day on June 22, we will be running a social media awareness campaign to promote the day, recognising and celebrating your stories, memories and contributions.  In particular would love to hear and document your stories, memories, photos, videos and memorabilia, relating to cricket.

  • Were you or someone you know, part of the Windrush generation community involved in the Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club, either organising, participating or spectating at local cricket matches in Leicester ‘s parks during 1948-1987?
  • What were your experiences of being involved, what did it mean to you and how did it impact you?
  • Would you like to share your stories, memories and photos?

Please do get in touch with the Chair or the Treasurer if you wish to be part of this exciting project.

George Martin, Chairman. Mobile: 07464 484 999

Yahya Hafejee, Treasurer. Mobile07880 726 825